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Why BLUECOMPASS Simply Has More To Offer

BLUECOMPASS is a recognized innovative leader in the field of IP / IT Technologies, and how they serve and relate to Defense, Intelligence and other US Government Departments and Agencies. We have recruited the absolute best, most qualified individuals in their respective related fields of expertise, and, collectively, we are poised and ready to serve you whenever duty beckons.


We always strive to go beyond what is expected. Our finished products exude the polish, professionalism and effectiveness one would expect from such an highly-specialized, committed company.

In the field of graphics design (and its social media implementations), we boast of some unique, extensive qualifications and credentials. All of the web graphics we produce -- such as the ones you've just seen, above -- are created in an HD environment, carefully detailed and then optimized for use on the internet.


This optimization process takes into account the default compressions that sites such as Twitter and Facebook utilize, and adjusts the image parameters to minimize the inherent quality loss which typically accompanies this sort of compression. (... while still displaying much of the original crisp detail produced in the HD environment.) The end result of this is that our graphics look razor sharp and impressive: whether you're viewing them on a 20-inch monitor or the small display of your smart phone.


Beyond the technical side of the equation, we know what constitutes quality imagery and an effective graphic: the message always comes through, loud and clear. Not only must the picture used serve as complimentary to the message being conveyed, but the message must be clear and legible.


BLUECOMPASS boasts several of the industry's most saavy, qualified marketing pundits. We understand (and haven't forgotten) that effective marketing begins with clear communication. You can't expect someone to read your graphic's tagline on their smart phone if the text is in white and the background immediately behind it is sky blue ... it's just not going to happen.


Even with such a seemlingly simple, straight-forward task as putting together a basic static 2D graphic, there are important aspects to be considered.


Combine our unique skills and expertise with our fast turn-around times of polished, ready-to-post graphics, and you see the obvious advantages we offer. No one can offer faster, more effective service than we do; and you will love our consistency. Just like the examples you've already seen, we offer great results, every time.


Thanks again for considering us!

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