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Sensor Unlimited is pleased and privileged to have a host of diverse talent in our midst. Due to the nature of our services and the subsequent relative organizations who have use of such, we are constantly bidding out jobs and competing for new work. Many of these require immediate implementation of the proposed services to be rendered. In such instances, the companies to whom bids have been awarded must have the staff already in place, trained and prepared to perform the various tasks mandated by the job.

In regard to this aspect, a company like ours must be ready to bring new players onto our team whenever circumstances dictate. For this very reason, we are constantly seeking out new talent and we keep a log of resumes on hand from all qualified applicants. Should the need arise, the first place we look for support is from persons who have already expressed an interest in becoming part of our team.

Once on board, qualified individuals will receive a fair compensation package, commensurate to their skill level and the demands of the job.


But it goes beyond that: you become part of the team. Your input is valued -- and solicited; you become part of a group who always puts the team and its mission above self-interests, and isn't afraid to try a different route to solving problems, nor intimidated by the challenge.


If the sound of this appeals to you, you could very well be the type of talented professional we're looking for! We invite you to take a minute or two and fill out the form below. We will follow up with every applicant, and, if qualified, you will get the opportunity to prove yourself when the need arises.

Sensor Unlimited is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB), and we are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Hiring is based on consideration of the individual's skills, track record and attitude; race, creed, gender, etc., have no bearing in the decision-making process.