Sensor Unlimited Affiliates

Sensor Unlimited is very pleased to be partnering with Golden Frog, and offering their extraordinarily innovative suite of Web Privacy & Security tools.
The internet is a constantly-evolving entity. As business, communications, marketing and commerce become continually more dependent upon the vehicle of it's virtual environment, the need for tighter privacy and security measures is greater than ever. Organizations and individuals, alike, can no longer afford to leave this issue unaddressed: it's too easy to be compromised -- and victimized -- in this age of highly-advanced global connectivity.
Golden Frog offers some simple-to-use, highly effective tools which neutralize threats to both privacy and security while making internet speeds and access more flexible and efficient. Through their worldwide, company-owned network of over 700 VPN servers, and their advanced, internally-conceived, -developed and -produced software and app protocols, Golden Frog offers safe, affordable, ironclad protection from your most casual of web- and mobile-based communications, to the most critical and sensitive.
Consider all that has been taken into consideration and integrated directly into their worldwide network's architecture:
Unlike competitors who use third parties to host their VPN ("Virtual Private Network") servers and DNS ("Domain Name Servers"), Golden Frog technicians write 100 percent of their software and apps, personally overseeing and managing this worldwide network with their employees. They own the DNS and hardware -- enabling delivery of the fastest, most reliable VPN service in the world. Golden Frog
is the only company who handles your data; it is not sold or shared with anyone. All internet transmissions are
encrypted, so your privacy and security always remains protected from end-to-end.
VyprVPN has been engineered to attain the highest levels of speed and security for broadband internet
connections. Whether you are in North America, South America, Europe, or Asia, Golden Frog's network
engineers have built, and continually manage their own global VPN network -- achieving the industry's
fastest speeds and most efficient encrypted data transfers.
Golden Frog's founders have internet pedigrees dating back over the last three decades. VyprVPN -- a Personal VPN service -- was first launched in 2009, with a vision of preserving a secure and open internet experience, while completely respecting user's need for absolute privacy. VyprVPN encrypts your internet connections: providing constant online privacy protection, while still enabling access to websites with VPN blocking protocols!
Golden Frog's forward-thinking braintrust constantly has its wheels in motion, keeping ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape. Their new Chameleon™ technology defeats VPN blocking and throttling, worldwide, providing users with an open, unrestricted internet experience -- and, unlike other VPN providers, the user has no limits. You can connect to any of their more than 700 VyprVPN servers (in over 50 worldwide locations), at anytime. The industry's fastest VPN connections are always available, with no restrictions or download caps.

We made private messaging easy.

Cyphr is a free, easy-to-use, encrypted messaging app for Android and iOS. All messages are encrypted, private and 100% yours. Create a free account, generate your public and private key pair, and start messaging.















Only you can read your messages.

Cyphr is a zero-knowledge messaging app. This means we cannot read, decrypt or share your messages. Cyphr generates a unique public and private key pair so only you and your friend can read your conversation - not us, not your wireless provider and not 3rd parties.










Multiple layers of security.

When you use an unencrypted messaging app or traditional SMS/MMS messaging, you are essentially putting your messages in a mailbox that anyone can access. When you use Cyphr, you gain multiple layers of security. Imagine everyone has a mailbox that requires a public key for inserting mail and a private key for withdrawing mail.
































Only your friend has the private key to the mailbox so only they can open it and unlock your message.




Be as private as you want to be.

Whether you are a casual user or a privacy fanatic, Cyphr allows you adjust the privacy settings that fit your needs. You are in control of your personal information and can enable or disable features that require it.