Some things you should know about uss:
We like to collaborate.
We'll listen to you and, together, we'll work out solutions that cogently address your unique requirements. From initial development, to full implementation, and beyond, we'll meet and discuss specifics. Together. That's the way we work.
We're flexible.
It's not just us; it's the solutions we create -- they're flexible. Like most people, we, too, get bored with status quo programs and formats. We enjoy the challenge to create appealing, flexible, easy-to-understand solutions that overcome barriers.
Designing strategically is our forte.
Strategic thinking makes our work excel. We generate solutions that answer strategic problems in decisive fashion.
We're human.
We like to talk, laugh and enjoy ourselves. We're not intimidated by a challenge, and we remain positive about our world and our ability to positively influence it. We like our work to reflect our personalities and this collective mindset, too -- to have character and be unique, but also to remain highly effective in its function.
Our strength is found in our diversity.
While it's true that we are a small business, we're also quite diverse: boasting multiple business, design and intelligence perspectives, through a broad and varied corporate pedigree of extensive, professional work.
We're not intimidated by risk.
Taking "the safe route" is not always the best approach, so we may offer you a choice of different solutions. Anything we propose will always be based on sound thinking.

About Sensor Unlimited

The Skinny

Life is moving at a faster pace than ever.  Naturally evolving from this rapid acceleration comes a more urgent need for highly-efficient means of collecting and analyzing the data relevant to your mission. Fortunately, profound changes are occuring in this process, as well. That's where we come in.

The Inevitable

While organizations face constant eruptions from information channels, typically lacking are the requisite capability to monitor that data, in order to access what is crtitically needed. Partnering with Sensor Unlimited gives your organization access to the most advanced, customizable modern data gathering and analysis workflow in the industry.

The Pitch

Would you like to know what people in Germany think of the situation in the Ukraine? ... or, perhaps, the latest plans of your rival competitors, at the earliest possible moment? No matter what your specific needs are, we design the tools and services that give you the up-to-the-minute news, data and sentiment -- and the comprehensive analysis to see the big picture.

Your Guarantee

Comprised of out-of-the-box thinkers, all professionals in our respective areas of expertise, Sensor Unlimited pours creative excellence in finding solutions that havent been thought of yet. We believe our customers want us to help innovate and look at their problem differently. Our solutions are made for you.